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Changing Lives, One Skill At A Time

About Us

about us pics 2Fighting poverty by bringing skills training to needy communities in developing countries.

Mercy Tech Mission is a Canadian faith-based Christian non-profit organization that exists to partner skilled professionals from all walks of life with community-based projects, primarily in Third World countries.

Technical Training Trips: Traveling to developing countries is the only practical way for our instructors to share their skills with the local people. Using a combination of classroom teaching and hands-on learning, Mercy Tech has provided skills training in areas such as automotive mechanics, carpentry and wood turning, welding, electrical, and concrete work.

Initially, our work began in Mozambique at the ASAM/SAMM mission base near Chimoio. A large mechanics shop was built and many local young men were trained in mechanics, welding, electrical installation and wood turning. One of our former students now is the shop manager of that facility, and he is training other young men from his area on an ongoing basis. 

In 2015 we began working in Swaziland with Heart for Africa, where we will be providing training in many different disciplines from mechanics and welding to carpentry and potentially institutional cooking/baking. Because of the remoteness of locations and the distances involved, our trips to Africa usually take 4 to 5 weeks to complete. 

In the fall of 2014, Mercy Tech also began a mechanics training program in the Baja, at the mission base of One Life One Chance Ministries in San Quintin, Mexico. Located in the northern part of the California Baja, this program will help those who have little or no opportunity to earn a living, other than by working in the nearby farming operations for as little as $9 per 12-hour day. These trips will be for one week, making it easier and more affordable for first-time volunteers, or those who cannot be away from their work for an extended period of time.

To find out how you can become involved in changing lives, one skill at a time, visit our Volunteer page or contact Rick Cogbill at info@mercytechmission.com.


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