2013 Africa 1200

Volunteer Application

The goal of Mercy Tech Mission is to improve the living conditions of those living in poverty due to lack of adequate education, especially in Third World countries. We do this by taking teams of skilled and experienced volunteers from the trades sectors to developing countries where they can teach their employable skills to the local people. We believe in “Changing lives, one skill at a time”.

To be able to teach a trade or skill to someone else, it is critical to first know it well. Therefore, it is important for MTM to understand the skills, talents and experience levels of our potential volunteers. In order for us to make the best and highest use of time and resources as we serve overseas, we ask that you complete the following application form to the best of your ability.

To volunteer for an upcoming trip, please fill out our Volunteer Application Form.

  1. Click the link below to download the fillable form.
  2. Fill out the form on your computer (no need to print a hardcopy) and save.
  3. Send the completed form as an attachment by email to info@mercytechmission.com.

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