2013 Africa 1200

Mission Statement and Key Strategies

Mission Statement:

To take qualified volunteers to developing countries where they can teach employable skills to those living in poverty.

Key Strategies:

1) Serve the world - Partnering skilled tradespeople and professionals with community-based projects, primarily in Third World countries.

2) Leave something behind - Ensuring that the training of local workers is a key component of the work project.

3) Give from the heart - Combining a high level of professionalism with an attitude of giving.

4) Plan for success - Applying due diligence so that each project has a high probability of success

There are many trained professionals in western countries willing to donate their time and energies towards making a difference in the world, but they lack the opportunity or the knowledge of how to become involved. Mercy Tech Mission seeks to provide those opportunities for humanitarian service.

To find out how you can become involved in changing lives, one skill at a time, contact Rick Cogbill at info@mercytechmission.com.