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Changing Lives, One Skill At A Time


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The work of Mercy Tech Mission is done by small teams of volunteers working under a team leader.

MTM volunteers are people with years of experience in a given profession who want to do something more with their trade. They are willing to travel to developing countries, to live in less than 5-star accommodations, and to be part of a team that is there for one reason – to serve others.

MTM volunteers are enablers who love to help others do what they do. As a guideline, our volunteers are asked to spend 50% of their time fixing, building or designing, and to spend the other 50% of their time teaching others how to do it themselves. 

The work of MTM is constantly growing, and new opportunities are opening up all the time. To find out more about where we serve and the time commitment that may be required as a volunteer, please contact our mission director, Rick Cogbill, at info@mercytechmission.com.

Some of the typical trade skills that are currently being taught by Mercy Tech volunteers include:

  • Mechanics, both light and heavy-duty
  • Welding and fabricating
  • Electrical installation
  • Carpentry, building construction
  • Bodywork and collision repair
  • Small motor and tool repair

Other opportunities for skills training are available depending on the training location. Please contact us if you have an employable trade skill that is not mentioned here.

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