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Time For An Update


Greetings to all of you who have been following and supporting the ongoing work of Mercy Tech Mission. As you know, our mission is to improve the economic situations of those living in poverty by teaching them employable skills, and our most recent trip to Africa in February 2020 was a clear example of that.

Our training this time focused on mechanics, both heavy duty and regular; wood lathe turning; electrical training, with a special project to install computer networking in the primary school; industrial electrical training with a focus on electric motors and water pumps; agricultural techniques, including irrigation maintenance; farm machinery repair. Some of our volunteers also helped out at the children’s campus, did data entry for the medical clinic, and assisted with early childhood education training in the primary school classrooms.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed our world, and our 12-member team was fortunate to complete their 4-week trip and return home just before all the travel restrictions came into effect. Since returning home we have been working on some video projects to show you the progress that Mercy Tech is making with its training programs, and our first offering is this short recap of our trip... 

Video Credit: Anthony Martens, Editing by Steve Cogbill (Editbox.ca)

More videos will be coming, so if you haven’t already done so, please visit and follow our Facebook page, as this is where you’ll find the most up-to-date photos and videos of our work. Very shortly we will be posting an interview with one of our mechanics students named Menzi. Three years ago we began working with Menzi, who couldn’t read or write due the fact that his family couldn’t afford to send him to school as a child, and now he is not only been promoted to a senior position in the Project Canaan repair shop, but he is fixing vehicles for his family and neighbours in his home village on weekends. Through this he earns extra income to support his wife and children.

May you and your families stay safe during these uncertain times, and thanks again for helping Mercy Tech Mission continue to change lives around the world, one skill at a time.

Rick Cogbill, Founder and Mission Director
Mercy Tech Mission


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