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The Other Point of View - Part 2

The Other Point of View - Part 2

In our last post, we shared an article written by Prospa Fernando, the 23-year-old shop manager at the maintenance shop located on the ASAM mission base in Mozambique. It was written just after he was hired for the position, and gives a good idea of his sense of calling to his work. If you missed it, you can read it here.

Mercy Tech Mission has been co-sponsoring Prosper at this position over the past two years, and part of his duties include sending us monthly reports and updates on the work he’s been doing. We thought you’d find it interesting to read about his “daily grind.”

The following post is Prosper’s report for May 2015. Again, we hope you enjoy these thoughts and insights from a young African mechanic. It’s real life, from Prospa’s point of view.

I am very happy to leave one more month behind, yes it was challenging as everybody knows that challenge is everything, but even though I am very happy because God was always beside me, he did not leave me alone not even a second. With that reason I want to give thanks to him, and giving all the glory to him and just for him because he is the one who is worth to be given it.

As I committed myself to fix broken vehicles so that broken spirits may be fixed, I am very happy with what God is doing for me during my work, but although we don’t have to forget what Jesus said to his disciples: "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,

1 Peter 1:4 To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you,

1 Peter 1:5 Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time."

Is the same God which provided life, wisdom, and protection during the work we did during the last month. In different areas like:

1. Mission vehicles and transports

a) Hino track

b) Pastor Rick Neufeld’s truck

c) Back hoe

d) Preparing the mini–van for the nursing team

2. Workshop

a) Continue to organize the workshop

3. Mentoring and tutoring program

a) Joao is going to apprentice

b) Casimiro Paradzani

1.a) Hino truck

In my mind I make sure the mission vehicles and equipment are in good conditions. Our Hino truck which is a very important instrument at the mission, we realized that the shock absorbers need to be changed, as usually there were no parts here in Mozambique. Thankfully pastor Dwight was going to South Africa and he brought us the shock and very happy we did what we was called to do.

After changing the shocks we realized that there were some Brocken bars on the truck, and so the broken things on God’s equipment are my enemies, I don’t want broken things on God’s truck, using my all effort I did the best welding I could, to make sure the truck may drive in our bush roads.

The truck is ready to go, and I am not going to stop making sure the truck works good.

1.b) Pastor Rick’s truck

I am sure God is helping me in my work, and I also want to thank Mr. Rick Cogbill by helping me in everything I do, and by providing the books I use during my work. In the problem of Pastor Rick Neufeld’s truck took me to read my cdx books and thinking a lot. Just to know what was the problem I will like to explain in few words.

The a/c was providing enough air but the air was not cold so that was new for me then because I am reading a cdx book and last month I was reading lessons about air a/c so that helped me to make a good decision. There no gas in the system and I told pastor Rick Neufeld co go to Chimoio to add gas in to the system.

other-pov-2-1.jpg1.c) Back hoeother-pov-2-2.jpg

The back hoe has a flat tire, so the air was leaking around the rim. We tried several methods but none of them was solving the problem. But mechanic is mechanic in the field of engineering and I am not reversing I am going forward. I took a bar of soup and I made it soft and I started to put the soup around the rim on both sides. Then we started to put air and the tire started to squeeze the soup and the soup sealed everything. And I am sure that there is no rain which is going to wash the soup because the soup we want is covered with the rim. And the soup is not going to give us problems when I want to replace the tire because if we put water that soup is going to help us to take off the tire. (Editor’s note: we’re pretty sure Prosper meant “soap”, not “soup”. But then again, who knows…a real thick soup might work just fine for a fix like this.)

1.d) Preparing the van to receive the nursing team from Canada 

other-pov-2-3.jpgAfter the engine head replacement the van did not go too far using high speeds, was just driving around the farm, so about two day before we received the visitors there was discovered the oil leak on the oil sump. So to solve that problem it was necessary to do a gas welding, but to take off the sump, it seems like we need to take of the engine first because the engine mount are on top of the bars were the bow joint are, and that bars is under the sump.To solve the problem we applied the epoxy steal welding, but because that is a sump and it is under the truck epoxy steal is not a permanent solution, gas welding is needed.

2. Workshop

other-pov-2-4.jpgContinue to organize the workshop.As the time is moving I am also getting mature in the workshop life, so they were something needed to be done like installing the fire extinguisher, finding a new way of putting on the spanners and making sure that the workshop is clean. This is something which we are going to continue to do.

other-pov-2-5.jpgAs you know that I am also in the mentorship and tutoring program, so our student who is in Tariro is finishing his studies this year, so before he graduate he must go to a company to work as a apprentices. So Joao Wilson asked me if I have some contacts of the companies which he can go, so I went to town and I started to go to the companies I know but none of them accepted to take him because they already went through some accidents and the government and the school did not want to take the responsibility of the problem so the companies just thought on not taking school people. So for now there is an idea for somebody to go to Beira to try to find a good company.

And I am continuing to help one of the orphan kid which is doing metal work in Chimoio even though it is a bit difficult because he is far but I am doing my best, and I want to make sure we win.

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