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Summer Projects

Summer Projects

It has been humbling to look back over just a few short years (since 2011) and see how the work and influence of Mercy Tech Mission has grown. I hope you have enjoyed hearing directly from Prosper in the previous blogs. In case you missed them, you can check them out at these links: Point of View Part 1 and Point of View Part 2.

Rick and Tome in the minivan - Mozambique

Very shortly, I will be embarking on a busy travel schedule that will keep me away until the end of September. Here is what we have coming down the pipe:

July 11 – 19: Rick Cogbill and Todd Green will be teaching mechanics at San Quintin in the California Baja.

July 31 – September 10 (approximately): Rick will be back in Mozambique wrapping up the maintenance shop project, as well as taking part in numerous training opportunities.

September 10 – 23: Word is getting out about MTM and we have been invited to partner with another mission in Swaziland for training work. Rick will spend about 12 days there providing some basic mechanical maintenance training to the local staff, as well as evaluating the location for future volunteer trips. 

Revy installing window glass
Concerning the Mozambique Maintenance Shop, we began constructing this building in 2011 and it is now almost complete. Our goal is to raise $6000 over the next few weeks to bring this aspect of our Mozambique work to a close and we have already received just over $2000 in donations. Please consider helping us reach our goal so that we can officially finish and dedicate this maintenance and training facility to the glory of God during this trip. We also want to hold a celebration time during my visit in August to thank all the local workers who worked so hard to make this building a reality. You can contribute by visiting our donations page and following the PayPal link. Every gift helps, no matter how small, and together we can make it happen!

Michael and Dave putting up the shop in Mexico
Finally, I want to thank not only the volunteers, but everyone who supports Mercy Tech Mission on a regular basis. Your monthly donations make it possible for us to effectively plan our trips so that we can achieve the best possible outcome with the opportunities provided to us. If you would like to become a monthly supporter, please contact us at info@mercytechmission.com and we will provide you with information on the payment method that works best for you.

Gabriel the carpenter with his family
As I said at the beginning, it is humbling to see how the small things we have to offer can be used to influence others for a greater good. Practical training leads to finding or keeping a job and having a job provides for a family’s basic needs. Providing for a family leads to a future – one that doesn’t include the hopelessness of poverty.

Prosper with his training manual
Thank you for helping us change lives, one skill at a time. To stay the course in this work, I often remind myself of this one thought: That putting what I know into their hands will change our world forever. It’s so simple, yet it’s so true.

God bless and have a great summer!

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