2013 Africa 1200

Changing Lives, One Skill At A Time

Summer Fun

Summer Fun

For most people, summer is a time to get away from it all. Who could turn down a tropical beach with friends or family? But for Mercy Tech Mission, summer’s also a great time to get right into it all.

And what is “it all” about? Yup, it’s changing lives, one skill at a time.


This past spring, a fantastic team of volunteers went down to San Quintin in the Mexican Baja to teach mechanics and to build a small shop. It’s now time to put that shop to good use, so I’ll be returning to San Quintin for the week of July 12 - 19, along with my good friend Todd Green, to teach our next installment of automotive mechanics. Todd is an automotive instructor at SAIT in Calgary, AB, and a veteran of a previous MTM trip to Mozambique in the summer of 2011.

Todd Green - Automotive Instructor at SAIT

But that’s not all. Mercy Tech will also be returning to Africa this year for almost two months beginning August 1st. The first stop will be Mozambique to finish up a few things on our shop project at the ASAM mission base, as well as to have some intensive mentoring and training time with Prosper, our young mechanic who manages that shop.

Rick and Prosper

During this trip, we’re planning a time of dedication and celebration as we officially finish the shop project and publically thank the ASAM team and all those local men who worked so hard to create that amazing facility.



In addition to Mozambique, we’ve been asked to consider a training program at another amazing humanitarian work called Project Caanan, operated by Heart for Africa in Swaziland. I will be spending almost 2 weeks at this location, teaching mechanics to the local staff, and evaluating with the field directors how Mercy Tech Mission can be involved long term.

It is exciting to see the new opportunities for service that are opening up to us. If you want to become (or continue to be) involved directly in what we’re doing, you may do so by clicking on the volunteer or donate tab of this website. Thank you in advance for making this work possible.

On a side note, we will be hosting an information and dessert night (for those living in the area) at Summerland Baptist Church, Sunday evening at 6:30pm in the Fireside Room (2nd floor). Hope to see you there!

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