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A Report from Prosper

A Report from Prosper

One of our very first automotive students, Prosper Fernando from Mozambique, was invited down to our training location at the Heart for Africa base in Swaziland to help teach for a week this past April. Thank you to everyone who played a part, big or small, in helping a young man with a limited future become what and who he is today.

Here is Prosper's own words describing his experience:

Swaziland 2017

It was a moment of great joy when I heard about going to Swaziland. With a motivation of what God has done (for) me, he took me from the mud and put me at a dry and clean place, so I wanted to do the same to others.

In one week there is a lot of things done, I will name and describe some of them.

In everything we were doing, the goal was to teach.

We started by replacing kingpins, it was so interesting because it was very challenging to take it off. It was a very good opportunity of showing others what to do when things don’t work the way they are made to work. Because on one side, one of the locking pin was not coming out, so the question was (what to do) and that was our target.

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I had an opportunity of teaching electrics, and it was amazing because they had a lot of questions about that topic, and I was very happy to explain that to them.

One day, the students came to me and asked me questions about brakes, and I started to explain to them, and there are some of the things which they used to see but they did not understand them, like: what is antilock brakes, booster, ABS? We took time talking about that. They seemed to be very open to me.

One of the missionaries brought a Toyota d4d, which one injector was not working, and Philip was working on it, so for me was a very good opportunity of leaning, how to use a computer to do troubleshooting, that was my first time to see that computer.

He also taught how to do a compression test and was my first time to use the tools he was using.

The meaning of the trip to Swaziland to me.

For me, this trip was a plan of God to show a physical example of the work done by the people of God, because I am one of the fruit of the teaching of Mercy Tech Mission, when they came to Mozambique. If was not these people coming to Mozambique, I don’t think I was going to continue to follow mechanics. So, this trip also allowed me as an African young man to be able to teach other Africans.

It was so encouraging to them, they now know that with skills they can also teach others, and reduce the amount of accidents in their country, reducing the amount of poverty in the country, because skills is not something which somebody can eat and finish, but is something which somebody can use during the entire lifetime.


I want to thank my powerful God for making this to happen and for the protection during everything (that was) done.

Thank you very much Mercy Tech Mission, by giving up your time thinking about:

  • Africa
  • People with no skills, and no future

Thank you very much ASAM by helping me to:

  • Work for my God through this way
  • Do something I really love to do.













Photo Credits: Phil Cote

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