2013 Africa 1200

Changing Lives, One Skill At A Time

2 for 1 Deal!

2 for 1 Deal!

We’ve got two quick things to tell you about, and they both involve a lot of hard work by dedicated volunteers.

The first is our brand new website. The same web address, but a totally redesigned look and feel that will make it so much easier to find out what Mercy Tech Mission is all about. Take some time to look around! (There is still some fine-tuning to come, but we were excited for everyone to see it!)

Secondly, if you haven’t already seen it on our Facebook page, here is the latest video from our March trip to San Quintin, Mexico. In four short days, an outstanding construction team put up our new shop facility while two mechanics led the mechanics training program nearby. Next time, the training will be done in our new shop instead of out in the gravel parking lot - we can hardly wait!

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