What We Do

Providing training in basic mechanical repair

Mercy Tech Mission (MTM) works with existing humanitarian organizations currently operating in developing countries.

Often these organizations have local staff or community contacts who would benefit from focused, intensive training in a skill or trade. MTM provides that training component.

Our volunteers work alongside these individuals on a one-to-one basis, teaching theory as well as providing practical, hands-on experience. Not only does the existing organization immediately benefit from having better-trained staff, but the skills learned by the students enable them to provide for their families in the years to come.

What does a typical project look like?

Existing or proposed projects by on-the-ground humanitarian organizations provide the perfect opportunity for MTM volunteers to teach their skills to others. Projects may include but are not limited to the following:

Mercy Tech Truss ProjectConstruction: Erect new buildings or complete existing structures, such as health clinics, homes for the poor, schools, churches, etc. This could include all aspects of construction, such as planning, excavating, bricklaying, framing, roofing, cement finishing, plumbing, or wiring.

Ed Hyslip with studentsMechanics: Repair or maintain vehicles used by non-profit groups and their staff.

This could also include the repair and maintenance of generators, aircraft, water pumps, and other mechanical devices as required.

Todd with laptopEducation: Assisting in the training and upgrading of local teachers, pastors, and other educators; providing workshops or seminars on curriculum, communication skills, teaching methods, etc.

IT: The repair and maintenance of local computers and networks, assisting with programming needs, and providing training in computer skills.

Welding roof support beamsWelding and Fabricating: Includes structural steel as well as minor repairs.

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Other: MTM will consider other types of projects based on local need, such as providing clean water, assisting with local farming operations, arts and crafts/small business start-up, etc.

How do I apply?

Check out our Application for Mission Trip or visit our Volunteer Page to learn more about becoming a Mercy Tech Volunteer.