Mozambique Maintenance & Training Facility

MF Front view

A key project for Mercy Tech Mission has been the construction of a maintenance shop for the 2350-acre ASAM farm in Mozambique, owned and operated by SAM Ministries.

The vision for this unique building is two-fold:

1) to maintain and repair the equipment and vehicles used at this project (which includes work done by ASAM and also by Mercy Air), and

2) to be used as a hands-on training facility by Mercy Tech Mission for teaching automotive mechanical repair to local young men.

Mercy Tech Brake Training 001 (1024x683) (2)

Through the work of Mercy Tech Mission volunteers, an apprenticeship program for future mechanics in Mozambique has been started. The maintenance shop, once completed, will provide work space for the practical training sessions. Professional automotive instructors from Canada put together training materials and a course structure, and then traveled to Mozambique in August, 2011 to begin teaching the initial segments of the course.

A second training module was conducted during the months of April and May, 2012.

Work on the Maintenance Shop project was initiated in March, 2011 with the digging of the foundations. Further progress was made in August of that year with the building of the repair pit.

Our April/May 2012 trip saw the completion of the foundations and the pouring of the concrete floors. The walls also began to go up. A full photo blog of the progress to date can be seen on our travel blog, My Dusty Shoes.

MTM March 2013345

Work on the walls continued, and in March 2013, another MTM team arrived to help build and install the metal roof system.

The building is nearing completion, requiring only the installation of doors, window glass, and interior lighting and electrical outlets. Additional funds are still needed to finish these important items so that the shop can be put to full use as a training and maintenance center.

Outfitting the shop with equipment will come later once the building is completed. A further $25,000 is estimated to buy quality repair equipment, such as an air compressor, as well as hand tools for the students and staff.

View Floor Plan: 14m x16m Shop Floor Plan A

To make a donation towards this important project, please visit our Donations Page.

Receipts for tax purposes will be provided by either Mercy Tech Mission or SAM Ministries.

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